Hi! We are 57Freedom! We are the most flexible software development company! You know why? Just google the images for «57 freedom square Kharkiv». Yes, this is our Town Hall. Yes, this is where our name comes from. And yes, it's been bombed.

But anyway, now we become completely free, we have no limitations and we are all over the world.

And we know our superpower - we think differently, we speak with purpose and trive for biggest impact. We know how to adapt and build beautiful things in this constantly changing world.

And no matter if it's war or Your business challenges, we look through the problems and we always see the point where the right way starts from.

No, I have tried this a lot, it will never work!

Oh, no, it's too expensive!

Come on! No one will ever buy it!

Don't reinvent the wheel...

It's impossible to handle this programmatically!

We look

We are 57Freedom and all we need is to help You change the world for better.


UI & UX Design

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UI & UX Design

Web Development

Mobile Development








We have a ton of experience building large scalable cloud-based solutions. So our team faces the most reliable technologies day in and day out. And we continuously look for ways to improve. Here you can see just a small piece of the quality and security iceberg.
If you think out of the box
You never know what's inside
You ask what we have in mind when we are talking about UI/UX design? Just one sentence «Fuck instructions, fuck on- boardings and fuck user guides!». The design we choose meets 2 criterias: it should be clear as breathing for the user and should be beautiful. That's it, just 2 things: clear and beautiful. This is enough for your product to simply become the best.
If users just use you app they can stop doing it...
If they breathe with your app - they cannot!
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Just like mobile apps, the websites are all over the you (you are reading the one). Websites are a kind of tool to build the better world. To build a 1st place race car, you need an understanding of what it is for (Formula 1, GT or WRC), deep knowledge in constricting and the right tools for right tasks.

You understand what your business is for. And we can help you construct and choose the right tools to push your business to the podium.
Not only Spiderman can produce web.
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🖕 Press me
We need all of your information, so please, be so kind to give it to us.
Accept with respect Accept with passion
Fucking pop-up!
This is a beautiful example of what happens when you come with Your beautiful ideas to shit-makers.
Don't want to see these all ever again
Today's world is about waking up by an alarm app(which is aware of your sleep phases), choosing the place for breakfast with a maps app(which understands what dish you are actually wondering of), going to work with a carsharing app. You use social media app to plan a party with your friends and the taxi app gently brings you home, after you grab a few cocktails with your new friend. And tomorrow you both will be in contact in a messenger app.
Today's way to become a magician is to get a mobile app that does magic.




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And last, but certainly not least. All the magic looks magical just until you see how it works. We don't believe in magic, because we are the wizards who create it. We simply know how to make things secure, how to synchronise continuous data without losses and abracadabra.

For us it's like a daily routine. And this makes us the wizards you need!
To touch the invisible
Just close your eyes...

And one more...

How do you know if a project is designed and developed well? It should work without bugs? Sure, but this is not the full picture. We live in a constantly changing world and our projects should be changing constantly too. Have you ever asked a developer to add one button,, and he answered: «... this will take 20+ working days for the whole team...». This means that maybe the project is designed horribly.

YES, so many letters...
but you can do it :)

Because everything about Clean Code, Clean Architecture, S.O.L.I.D. principles, etc is really about changeability and supportability. Changing the project logic can and will take time. But time it takes should be proportional to logic changes. For example, if you want to add an age property to your user, and it takes a month to make it done and causes a lot of refactoring, it means, your developers suck. It really is that simple.

So as we know our developers, we know that they are just top. And that's why we provide an ability for long term technician support for our projects.

So, let's know each
other better!

Nice to meet you :)

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